Sitemate Round Wire Nails

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Sitemate Galvanised Round Wire Nails. Come Pre-Packed.

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Sitemate Galvanised Round Wire Nails. Comes Pre-Packed. Available in 2 different size packs, and a number of sizes.
1kg Pack, 100mm (Length), 4.5mm (Gauge). Choose from a pack size of 500g or 1kg.

Also Available In:
601-0191 – 500g pack, 50mm (Length), 2.65mm (Gauge)
611-0191 – 1kg Pack, 50mm (Length), 2.65mm (Gauge)
601-0081 – 500g Pack, 75mm (Length), 3.35mm (Gauge)
611-0081 – 1kg Pack, 75mm (Length), 3.35mm (Gauge)
601-0041 – 500g Pack, 100mm (Length), 4.5mm (Gauge)
601-0021 – 500g Pack, 125mm (Length), 5.6mm (Gauge)
611-0021 – 1kg Pack, 125mm (Length), 5.6mm (Gauge)
601-0111 – 500g Pack, 150mm (Length), 6mm (Gauge)
611-0011 – 1kg Pack, 150mm (Length), 6mm (Gauge)

Weight 1 kg
Pack Size

500g, 1kg

Nail Size

50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

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